The Standard Hotel, MIAMI


40 Island Ave, Miami Beach, USA

+1 305-673-1717

I could literally live at this hotel!

Jacques Garcia and I designed the Victor Hotel on South Beach but unfortunately, it’s nothing like the charm, style, and special feeling that The Standard in Miami captures.

I’m always very tempted to fall asleep by the outdoor fireplace, it’s an intimate circle of 5-6 lounge chairs that look like a cocoon. Couples cuddle by the fire and I think half of them fall asleep! Including my girlfriend after a bottle of champagne alone…as I don’t drink. 

During morning time the garden is a perfect place to escape the heat, on the rocky chairs, by the palm trees.

A few more of my favorite Standard things: the lido coconut smoothie in the morning which I copied back in NYC over and over again. And, the little hotel shop there that always has the latest and stylish swimwear.

Instead of hanging out at the spa, which is overcrowded now from people not even staying at the hotel, the lobby is fantastic! A mix of modernism, art deco, beach style – and always empty and cool. It’s a great atmosphere, especially during night thunderstorms which is not rare in September to say the least.