The Simplified Wardrobe


My closet is a two size Pax system from IKEA. Each is just enough to hold a well curated selection of apparel for one season. 

My wardrobe has been fine tuned over the years and non-stop travel. The more clearly you identify your own personal style, the easier to shop, pack and simplify. My suitcase consists of one Filipa K. suit and 5 pairs on Nudies jeans, both of which I get from Stockholm. 

I live and travel in Frye boots whether summer and winter and white Adidas sneakers.

I love the water so I always pack a couple of swim trunks; a vintage Sundeck or J Crew.  Never, a Vilebrequin. It wreaks “wannabe” to me. 

For everything else I have and don’t always need, I box them up and leave it to to handle it for me.  It’s a huge time saver. They pick up, store it and drop off for you. I am a big fan of outsourcing where you can. The time and stress is worth the investment.