Surf Lodge, MONTAUK


183 Edgemere St, Montauk, USA

+1 631-483-5037

The Surf Lodge in Montauk, with Ruschmeyer’s Hotel, still survives today as one of the more authentic experiences in the over-crowded and over-rated Hamptons scene.

The best thing to do, is to go from Monday to Thursday, and I did it with my Triumph Bonneville! We were headed to Sunset Beach on Shelter Island, and after a 4 and a half hours ride, and almost losing the Louis Vuitton tote bag from the bike rack (thank God!) we found ourselves underwhelmed with the hyped-about hotel. We dropped our stuff off in our room and drove for another hour to find Surf Lodge.

We got there to find lovely live music and a cool, laid back crowd drinking Coronas so we decided to stay for dinner. The restaurant is small, lovely and was packed!

Too cold to ride back to Shelter Island, we crashed in the last room available with no toothbrush (which we got at the nearby 7/11).

The rooms are in the retro chic style we love with an impressionable shower with small stones on the floor. It was that MySuites kind of design, a style we love!

It felt like sleeping in one of ours but with water right in front, which was a nice surprise in the morning! It was actually a clever use of space as they positioned the bed so it was right in front, facing the water and not against the wall.