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Small Hotels

Small Boutique Hotels for the Creative Class.
We design, develop and brand small boutique hotels. We start with a blank page and a concept. Then, we turn it into success. Our focus and vision is to recreate existing or dismissed small hotels and motels and turn them into destinations unto themselves. Our goal is to transform these projects into a social icon through design and branding while keeping the message authentic and understatedly chic. Our philosophy is grounded in local, creative collaboration. We tap into its culture, its designers and artists, as well as into the values and desires of the client and align our designs to create a seamless space that has unity. We aim to design the holistic experience of the guest.

Unlike many other design studios, architectural firms, or developers, we combine the 3 phases of hotel development under one roof: design of the space, the brand and its management. We partner with existing hotel owners, family-run hotels and those looking to open their own boutique hotel, to develop and revamp their properties. We bring our extensive hospitality design experience and branding capablities to further establish, grow and bring your business the success you imagined. We do not leave you stranded after the architectural design phase is done. We have the expertise to manage the property for you, or simply help you implement the everyday operations of your business if desired.
The integrated approach is financially more feasible, especially, for small boutique businesses.

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