Pied-a-Terres in Suite Life Cities


The pied-a-terre is a quintessential component of The Suite Life.

Owning a couple of pied-a-terres gives you a home that you can return to with ease in several countries, whether for business or pleasure or escape.  But the New Chic way is one that is more gentle on your wallet.

It’s more about having stylish small apartments in the best locations, in the best cities — and at half the price.

This is how it translated for me.



Where I started.  I designed my first project, my own apartment, there in 1997.  It was barely 350 square feet but I designed it to perfection. It ended up on the cover of many magazines at that time and catapulted me further in my career. 



I lived in the butler home of the Principal of Roma Design Group. Their Buena Vista terrace had an exceptional view of the fog rolling into the bay but it never won my heart. I love the sun too much.  



My tiny duplex had NO view. At all. It was located idyllically in the Croisette. Cozy, warm, and tucked inside a small building by the Opera Night Club.