Paraiso de Los Pinos, FORMENTERA


Es Mal Pas Urbanizacion Paraíso de los Pinos

Balearic Islands, SPAIN

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This is my latest discovery, in an island that has been colonized by a swarm of wannabe Italians.

The Paraiso de Los Pinos in Formentera is really a great escape from the craziness that reigns on this Balearic Island, especially in the hands of the Italians.

Formentera is supposed to still be a more raw island and parts of it are, especially by the light house of Fan de Cap de Barbaria. But Italian tourism is very heavy here now so you might have to make peace with that… and hey, if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll run into a gorgeous Italian woman or handsome man! 

El Paraiso de Los Pinos maintains a certain agricultural feeling that I like. It takes a while to get there through small roads and fields with walls made of hand-piled small stones.

The location does feel special. The Suite Apartments have a well thought-out layout. The hand of the designer from the mainlands can be felt for sure, but they use a lot of wood to maintain the rustic feeling.  The Spanish, they know how to design with wood!

You don’t feel like you are at a huge resort hotel but you can still have the same services that you expect at those locations, which is great.

There is a cozy and understated outdoor lounge where you can drink or snack late before heading back to the room.

These suites apartments will perfectly suite a NYC style apartment!