Nobis Hotel, STOCKHOLM


Norrmalmstorg 2-4 SWEDEN

+46 8 614 10 00

The Nobis Hotel is a bit too big of a hotel for my taste and design scale, but the Swedish have an innate sense of understatement that I admire. And, while the long hallways might feel endless, the hotel has a very personal and homey feeling nonetheless and an exceptional location in Ostermalm.

And, you can enjoy the walk of the Swedish Guard at noon if you get one of the rooms on the main street. I usually get the room by the gym, one flight up so there’s no need of the elevator (I hate elevators!). 

It’s almost like a private entrance.

Besides the picturesque spiral staircase, there is a beautiful pendulum on one of the top floors accessible thru the hallways that is impressive to see at night.

There is a great breakfast service in the main room and an intimate cocktail bar that stays open late, ideal for a night cap back at the hotel after going out. 

The bedding are my favorite. The Swedish have mastered the art of sleeping, not just with Hastens, but also other types of bedding, too.

Have your lunch at the Taverna Brillo for sure, a dark, must Swedish stop.