Dear hoteliers,

Over the years as designers of boutique hotels and other hospitality properties across the western hemisphere, we have always strove to identify and develop design concepts that will cater to the times that we are, and will be, living in. We have constantly worked to envision the hotels of tomorrow.

Corporate hospitality is dead to us, to the nomadic generation of global citizens that we wish to accommodate, and to the creatively inspired hoteliers that we collaborate with.
It doesn’t matter if the Four Seasons, Hilton or the St. Regis are opening thousands of rooms everyday around the world. While monetarily effective, their formulaic approach to design is against our inherent philosophy.

What we desire is an experience, an element of surprise, the unexpected. We want to find that hidden key that opens up the doors, giving us exclusive access to the local life in understated luxury style.

An enriching experience that awes us and changes us, is today’s true luxury. In launching SLS, we have decided to design, develop and brand small boutique hotels with a single concept at its core: delivering a personal story that the guests can experience at every touchpoint.

We are looking to create design concepts for small independent and boutique hotels around the world that want to become a destination in itself.

The small scale of our projects may not have the financial appeal typical investors are looking for. However, not all hoteliers or future hotel owners are pressured by investors or driven by the promise of high returns by simply getting heads in beds.

We instead, offer an emotional appeal that discerning travellers, owners and hoteliers now want. We believe that this is the new mold for hospitality, now and in the near future.

Over the past 10 years, we have developed, designed, branded and managed new hotels, hospitality concepts, and real estate businesses like and MySuites & Co. in NYC, La Plage in France and Van der Valk in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and more. The unique business models have been hugely successful and have ignited inspiration for others in the small hospitality business throughout the last decade.

Today we believe in a more dynamic future for small scale hospitality based on the synergies of our small but powerfully creative & talented team. We aim to trigger a new wave in the small boutique hotel world where design does not define the hotel experience but rather, where the emotional experience from design, amenities, decor, space; is defining and driving it to become The Destination.

Enjoy your stay,