La Plage, France

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The design challenge was to breathe life into the existing restaurant, La Plage, that had undergone a major revamping and a new part, a small beach boutique hotel by French interior architects Loïc Geffrey and Olivier Ganachaud. The name ‘La Plage’ (The beach) could not be changed – but we could add elements to add character, and to separate the restaurant part from the hotel. We came up with the concept ‘Dormir sur La Plage’ and ‘Manger sur La Plage’, which means respectively ‘Sleeping on the beach’, and ‘eating on the beach’. Visually we kept things stylish, minimal and airy – whilst playing with light and dark. White on black for the night part (sleeping) and vice versa for the day part (eating). Accompanied by handwritten ‘personal’ typography and illustrations. The current tendency of storytelling and to engage the guests with the brand translated, amongst others, into beachy poems on the website, postcards to send home, and a Valentines variation ‘Amour sur La Plage’ (Love on the beach). We developed and executed the branding from A-Z; from newspaper ads for the opening of the new La Plage, flyers to inform the locals, a new façade, strategic roadsigns to inform and guide travellers, postcards, menu designs, (food) photography, correspondence sets, a responsive website and even kids colouring pages!

Sur La Plage, les yeux fermés, sous la caresse du soleil, comme on se rappelle bien. Comme on se glisse magiquement dans le souvenir. Dans ce bonheur.
– Marie Sizun