Aire de Bardenas, España


We love to escape the world for a while in this remote, spartan part of the Navarra desert in Spain, and needless to say, without giving up on luxury. Experience the desert, the whispering of the wind, the sunrise, the moon and the stars from unusual ecological rooms, including bubbles with transparent roofs.

Inside and out, the décor is minimalist, just like the land around, but extremely comfortable: A sparkling pool that looks onto the mountains, an elegant restaurant with self-produced ecological Navarre dishes and snug window seats to lounge and read.

This little ecological jewel is created by Barcelona-based architects Emiliano López & Mónica Rivera. Avoiding the presence of big volumes, the apparently scattered cube structures of the hotel are strategically arranged to protect from the wind, to create courtyards, or to give you a frame for spectacular views of the landscape. Visually, melts into the dry landscape and the whole hotel could be disarmed and recycled and transform back into nature!